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Posted by jusuhngap on 2009/9/2 6:08:00 (577 reads)

Bagi anda yang ingin memohon pekerjaan di sektor awam, elok rasanya mengetahui dulu tips asas menghadiri temuduga SPA. Saya baru selesai membacanya sebentar tadi. Anda juga boleh membacanya secara percuma di sini. Skrol ke bawah sikit dan anda akan menjumpai ruangan download di pertengahan website tersebut.

Laporan percuma setebal 16 ms ni sebenarnya disediakan oleh saudara Jamaluddin Bahari (gambar). Beliau juga merupakan penolong pengarah di sebuah jabatan kerajaan.

Sebenarnya laporan ini merupakan pengenalan kepada laporan berbayar beliau iaitu "Rahsia Lulus Temuduga SPA". Anda juga boleh mendapatkannya di website yang sama.

Sebelum membuat keputusan mendapatkan rahsia lulus temuduga SPA versi penuh, mungkin anda ingin melihat gaya penulisan beliau dulu, kan? Jadi, jom kita tengok dulu apa yang ada dalam laporan percuma ni.

1. Perkara-perkara yang patut anda elakkan semasa temuduga.

2. Pengawalan emosi semasa temuduga.

3. Adab semasa temuduga.

4. Doa menghadapi temuduga.

5. Penilaian temuduga.

6. Aspek yang dinilai oleh panel penemuduga.

Begitulah serba sedikit kandungan yang ada dalam laporan percuma tips asas menghadiri temuduga SPA ni. Bagi anda yang bakal menempuh alam pekerjaan atau ingin memasuki sektor awam, laporan ini merupakan salah satu sumber ilmiah yang patut anda baca.

Sekali lagi, sebelum berpisah anda boleh

Posted by jusuhngap on 2009/9/2 5:54:53 (717 reads)

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TITLE : Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods and Customizations ExtremeTech) (Paperback)
AUTHOR : by Neal Krawetz (Author)
PUBLISHER : Wiley publisher
ISBN : 047010872X
PUB DATE : April 23, 2007
LANGUAGE : English
SIZE : 04 x 2.88 MB

Ubuntu, an African word meaning "humanity to others," is the hottest thing in Linux today and is fast becoming the choice for Linux users

- This down-and-dirty book shows readers how they can blow away the default system settings to get Ubuntu to behave however they want
- Readers will take total control of their Ubuntu system by optimizing its appearance, speed, usability, and security
- Includes hundreds of hacks such as running Ubuntu from a USB drive, installing it on a Mac, enabling multiple CPUs, and putting scripts in menus and panels
- Readers are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and devise hacks for wireless adapters, cameras, drawing pads, TV cards, and more

Posted by jusuhngap on 2009/9/2 5:53:03 (518 reads)

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"If I had this book 10 years ago, the FBI would never have found me!" -- Kevin Mitnick This book has something for everyone---from the beginner hobbyist with no electronics or coding experience to the self-proclaimed "gadget geek." Take an ordinary piece of equipment and turn it into a personal work of art. Build upon an existing idea to create something better. Have fun while voiding your warranty! Some of the hardware hacks in this book include:
* Don't toss your iPod away when the battery dies! Don't pay Apple the $99 to replace it! Install a new iPod battery yourself without Apple's "help"
* An Apple a day! Modify a standard Apple USB Mouse into a glowing UFO Mouse or build a FireWire terabyte hard drive and custom case
* Have you played Atari today? Create an arcade-style Atari 5200 paddle controller for your favorite retro videogames or transform the Atari 2600 joystick into one that can be used by left-handed players
* Modern game systems, too! Hack your PlayStation 2 to boot code from the memory card or modify your PlayStation 2 for homebrew game development
* Videophiles unite! Design, build, and configure your own Windows- or Linux-based Home Theater PC
* Ride the airwaves! Modify a wireless PCMCIA NIC to include an external antenna connector or load Linux onto your Access Point
* Stick it to The Man! Remove the proprietary barcode encoding from your CueCat and turn it into a regular barcode reader
* Hack your Palm! Upgrade the available RAM on your Palm m505 from 8MB to 16MB

· Includes hacks of today's most popular gaming systems like Xbox and PS/2.
· Teaches readers to unlock the full entertainment potential of their desktop PC.
· Frees iMac owners to enhance the features they love and get rid of the ones they hate.
About the Author
Kevin Mitnick (Technical Editor) is the most famous computer hacker in the world. Since his first arrest in 1981, at age 17, he has spent nearly half his adult life either in prison or as a fugitive. He has been the subject of three books and his alleged 1982 hack into NORAD inspired the movie War Games. Since his plea-bargain release in 2000, he says he has reformed and is devoting his talents to helping computer security.

Hardware Hacking: Have Fun While Voiding Your Warranty

Posted by jusuhngap on 2009/8/31 7:04:51 (490 reads)

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Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod, "Mathematical Biology: An Introduction with Maple and Matlab"
Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 0387709835 | 568 pages | PDF | 9 MB

This text presents mathematical biology as a field with a unity of its own, rather than only the intrusion of one science into another. It updates an earlier successful edition and greatly expands the concept of the "computer biology laboratory," giving students a general perspective of the field before proceeding to more specialized topics. The book focuses on problems of contemporary interest, such as cancer, genetics, and the rapidly growing field of genomics. It includes new chapters on parasites, cancer, and phylogenetics, along with an introduction to online resources for DNA, protein lookups, and popular pattern matching tools such as BLAST. In addition, the emerging field of algebraic statistics is introduced and its power illustrated in the context of phylogenetics.

A unique feature of the book is the integration of a computer algebra system into the flow of ideas in a supporting but unobtrusive role. Syntax for both the Maple and Matlab systems is provided in a tandem format. The use of a computer algebra system gives the students the opportunity to examine "what if" scenarios, allowing them to investigate biological systems in a way never before possible. For students without access to Maple or Matlab, each topic presented is complete. Graphic visualizations are provided for all mathematical results.

Mathematical Biology includes extensive exercises, problems and examples. A year of calculus with linear algebra is required to understand the material presented. The biology presented proceeds from the study of populations down to the molecular level; no previous coursework in biology is necessary. The book is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students studying mathematics or biology and for scientists and researchers who wish to study the applications of mathematics and computers in the natural sciences.

Posted by amirzie on 2009/1/16 5:33:47 (593 reads)

"Why?" Years after September 11, we are still looking for answers. Internationally renowned Islamic scholar Akbar Ahmed knew that this question could not be answered until Islam and the West found a way past the hatred and mistrust intensified by the war on terror and the forces of globalization. Seeking to establish dialogue and understanding between these cultures, Ahmed led a team of dedicated young Americans on a daring and unprecedented tour of the Muslim world. Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization is the riveting story of their search for common ground.

From the mosques of Damascus to the madrassahs of Karachi to the homes of Jakarta, Ahmed and his companions met with Muslims from all walks of life. They listened to students and professors, presidents and prime ministers, sheikhs and cab drivers, revealing Muslim hopes and frustrations as the West has never heard before. They returned from their groundbreaking journey with both cause for concern and occasion for hope. Rejecting stereotypes and "conventional wisdom" about Islam and its encounter with globalization, this important book offers a new framework for understanding the Muslim world. As Western leaders wage a war on terrorism, Ahmed offers insightful suggestions on how the United States can improve relations with Islamic nations and peoples. Written with equal parts compassion and urgency, Journey into Islam makes a powerful case for forming bonds across religion, race, and tradition to create lasting harmony between Islam and the West. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with the future survival of the United States as a world leader, for the individual who faces the painful changes of globalization, and for the very future of our planet.

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